Putting the back into Real Estate

We manage the process of selling property when your loved ones transition into aged care. Request a consultation today.

Why Use Real Estate Care Service

We at Real Estate Care Service have introduced a fresh, client-centric approach to the field. Our primary commitment is to the seller, and part of our responsibility involves ensuring that the agent we choose to oversee the property is a director or senior agent and not a junior agent, as this can impact the ultimate sale price.

Independent Representation:

Vendor Advocates act independently from real estate agents. They work exclusively for the seller. This independence ensures that their primary loyalty is to the seller.

Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent:

One of the crucial roles of a Vendor Advocate is to help the seller choose the most suitable real estate agent to handle the sale. They make sure there is a Director/Senior Agent from the agent involved in the sale. By doing this we can draw from their experience and knowledge of the local real estate market, which can make tens of thousands of dollars difference in the sale of your home.

Providing Expert Advice:

Vendor Advocates offer expert advice on property presentation, pricing, marketing strategies, and negotiation. They use their expertise to guide the seller through the entire sales process.

Financial Benefits:

Many Vendor Advocacy services charge a fee, which is typically a percentage of the sale price. However, this fee is often outweighed by the financial benefits. Again thats why we make sure we get the Director/Senior Agent from the agent involved so we get the best possible outcome, which is getting the best price for your property.

Reducing Stress:

Selling a property can be a complex and often stressful process. Vendor Advocates are there to alleviate some of that stress by managing various aspects of the sale, from property preparation to settlement.

Maximizing Returns:

Their goal is to ensure that the seller gets the best possible outcome from the sale, which includes securing the highest price for the property.

Transparent and Honest:

Vendor Advocates provide transparent and honest advice, and they work to cut through any misinformation or empty promises that sellers might otherwise encounter during the sales process.

Customized Services:

Vendor Advocacy services can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the seller. They provide a personalized approach to each property sale.

Our Easy 3 Step Selling Process

We Guide you through every step of the selling process


Arrange a meeting with you and all those involved in the decision-making process to work out the timeline moving forward and discuss the agent's selection process and any additional work to do to prepare the property for sale.

Arrange for agents to view  the property and then have an interview to submit a detailed report.
( This meeting is being handled by Director Steven James so that the agents can discuss the property pricing and the process more freely, without the real estate fluff. )
Following up meeting to discuss the agents' reports and then which agent we should go with, as well as any further recommendations on presenting the home.


Steven James started in the Real Estate Industry over 25 years ago. After a successful career as a top-performing real estate agent in Melbourne, Steven grew disenchanted with the prevalent practices in the real estate industry. He observed a recurring pattern where home sellers encountered conflicting, misleading advice, excessive pressure, and self-serving strategies employed by real estate agents.

Recognizing the need for a more transparent and effective approach to selling homes, Steven set out to create a solution. He envisioned a method that would dispel misinformation and empty assurances while safeguarding inexperienced sellers from costly errors.

This was especially prevalent in aged care where families, Powers of Attorneys and Executors were dealing in circumstances involving loved ones entering into retirement or aged care homes and didn’t know where to start.


Meet Our Team

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Steven James

Managing Director / Senior Advisor

Ian Ryan

Senior Advisor

Lorraine James

Accounts Manager
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Rad Sud

Executive Assistant to Steven James
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Admin Assistant and Accounts

"Our dedicated team is passionately committed to making the transition to aged care as seamless and stress-free as possible. We understand that navigating the intricacies of selling your family home during this transition can be overwhelming, and that's why we've set out to simplify the process. Our mission is to provide expert guidance and support to seniors and their families, ensuring that they can confidently navigate the world of aged care without the burden of real estate complexities. We're here to make this important life transition smoother, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your well-being and peace of mind."

We Alleviate The Stress Out Of Selling (your home)

When it's time to downsize or make the transition to aged care, several factors need to be taken into account, often leading to a challenging and overwhelming period for both individuals and their families.

Thankfully, selling your home doesn't have to be a stressful experience! At Real Estate Care Service, our dedicated advisors are ready to assist you at every stage of the selling process, starting with property preparation all the way through to the final settlement. We recognize that your home is typically your most cherished asset, and our goal is to help you achieve the best possible results.

Best of all it’s a free service, so there are no additional costs involved! Because we share the work, we also share in the commission paid to the selling agent.


We Guide you through every step of the selling process

Experience a selling process that is completely stress-free, resulting in increased returns, all without any additional expense for you as the Vendor.


Specialising In Aged Care

Is a family member making the move to aged care? We assist families in using property to ensure a seamless transition without any financial strain.


Realistic Appraisals

We recognize the importance of an accurate, which can determine accommodation bonds and fees in aged care

Our free, comprehensive service makes sure you have:

The best real estate agents working for you

The best commission structure

The best marketing strategy

Selling Your Home

Real Estate Care Service was the first vendor advocacy service specifically designed to assist Powers of Attorneys, Administrators, Guardians and Families of loved ones entering aged care, by relieving them of the pressure associated with selling the home?

We are experienced real estate consulting professionals working for the vendors, helping to sell the family home and/or investment properties. Let us take the stress out of selling, by selecting the right agent for you and monitoring the whole process to ensure it is managed correctly.

There is absolutely no extra cost to you for using Real Estate Care Service Vendor Advocacy Service and we work in your best interest at all times during the whole process of selling your property.

Our hands on approach is particularly important if a property is vacant - When an agent is aware that a property is vacant, quite often once the business is secured they will pass the property onto a junior agent to handle. An important feature of our service is ensuring the person we select to handle the property is the Director and he is the agent standing at the opens and calling back the buyers, as this does affect the final sale price.

What Our Clients Say

Robert Hadler
Robert Hadler
Stephen and Nicole provided an expert real estate service that ensured we presented the property in the best conditions for auction and they delivered an excellent auction outcome.
Sam Berlingeri
Sam Berlingeri
Highly recommend their services Steven is easy going great to deal with
Felicity Stark
Felicity Stark
I have been very happy with the service and expertise provided by Steven. He was always very prompt in his communication and explaining exactly what was going to happen and up front about how it all worked. Selling my mother-in-laws house I needed to make sure we did the best we could for her. Steven was able to choose the correct agent for her area and property and negotiate with agent all the details without me having to become involved. I had never sold a house before (let alone on behalf of some-one else) so this certainly took the stress out of it. I felt I could trust Steven's recommendations and in the end the house sold at auction with a number of parties bidding and well above the reserve
Teresa H
Teresa H
Steven James and Nicole guided us through the process of selling Mum's unit. We appreciated the hard work and professionalism that was given to us in a pleasant and positive manner. Regular reports kept us informed. Steven's skill and experience came to the fore as the auctioneer and the property was sold well above the reserve. We wanted the best and that is what was provided. We highly recommend their services.
Kirsty H
Kirsty H
I engaged Steven to co-ordinate the sale of my Mum's house. He referred me to trusted services and co-ordinated quotes and refurbishments, selected an agent (all in regular consultation with me) and liaised with the agent throughout to ensure a sale price which was way beyond my expectations. Steve took the load off during very stressful situation for our family and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.
Kerryn Haeusler
Kerryn Haeusler
Steven and Tegan provided a first class service from beginning to end. We were kept informed and supported through every step of the process selling Dad’s place and achieved a terrific result at auction. Cannot recommend highly enough!
Tom Salamouras
Tom Salamouras
Steven was referred to me by a third party that had used his services previously. The recommendation was high in praise for both his professionalism but also the result achieved in selling this person's home. I'm very happy that I received this recommendation because Steven and Megan (from his office) were every bit professional, experienced, knowledgeable and the result achieved in selling my parents home was way above my expectations. I applaud Steven and Megan on their considerable efforts. A job extremely well done!!
Mary Mellor
Mary Mellor
My parents are in aged care and needed to sell their home of 57 years to finance their move. Steven and Tegan were there for every step along the way. Steven guided us by choosing the most appropriate agent for our needs. His advice on auction day ensured we got the best outcome and we were extremely happy with the incredible sale amount that was achieved. I would highly recommend them.
Sue Anderson
Sue Anderson
Steven was great to deal with from start to finish on the sale of my Mother's home. He communicated all details and negotiations and kept us up to date throughout the whole process, and got us a great result at auction. A big thank you to Tegan who also did a terrific job. Would highly recommend and will definitely use again. Thank you.
Pete Quon
Pete Quon
Can’t recommend Steven and the service he provides more highly. He was very easy to deal with, kept us fully informed throughout the process and generally made everything quite simple. Steven left no stone unturned in his preparation and work with the agents and in the end we got a great result on the sale of Mum’s house

Aged Care Real Estate

Specialising in using Real Estate to make the transition into aged care.

Do you need to sell or rent a property to enter aged care?
Has someone you know entered aged care and you need to sell their property?
Do you require a FREE appraisal for your Assets Assessment?
Would you like to take the stress out of selling a property and be assured your property is managed correctly?
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Moving into aged care? Let us make the process as smooth as possible.

Handling real estate is one of the most important factors when moving into a facility, and can greatly effect the quality of care received. Trust Real Estate Care Services to manage your property sales efficiently making sure you can afford the best care possible for your loved ones.


27 Josephine Avenue, Mount Waverly

Sold Price - $1,488,000 – sold for $100,000+ over the reserve

27 Josephine Ave, Mt Waverley SOLD

"I would like to thank you very much indeed for taking over the sale of my house. I was floundering when James from Buxtons said I should ask for your help. How right he was. Buxtons got a great price. Rowans repairs + painting were great apart from painting in the window screens, so they couldn't be removed. Hannahs, 'Three sisters' and Brendon got me into the right mindset to downsize and the skips they organised recycled! Thank you again. I'm very grateful for your organisation."

The Vendor enlisted Real Estate Care Service for this property because she lacked confidence in the agents she had previously talked to and was impressed with our end to end service.

  • We collaborated with our contractor, Sold Property Makeover, to revitalize both the interior and exterior of the property. The home was in dire need of a makeover, and by implementing essential repairs, along with the addition of new blinds, fresh paint, and carpet, we successfully breathed new life into it.
  • We coordinated with Inside Story, our Furniture Stylist, to beautifully stage the interior of the home.
  • After the property was sold, our Vendor faced a substantial task as they prepared to relocate to the coast, involving packing up the house and streamlining their belongings. To aid the Vendor in this process, we enlisted the assistance of Three Sisters Home Sorters to assist with the packing and the relocation.

The comprehensive service we provided enabled the vendor to achieve an impressive outcome for the Vendor.

Got a question? Fill in your details below and we'll be in touch right away. Or if you prefer, email us at info@realestatecareservice.com.au or call us anytime on 1300 759 709.

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