Specialising When Moving into a Retirement Village

Need to sell or rent a property to enter your long awaited retirementReal Estate Care Service understands that moving into retirement is not as easy as it sounds. Do you sell the family home? Or keep it as an investment?

It has been our experience that many Vendors fail to achieve an optimum sale price due to a bad choice of agent, poor advice or a feeling of being pressured to sell.

This is a free Real Estate service developed to facilitate a system that takes the concern and stress out of the sale process of your Home or Investment.

This service is designed to achieve the optimum result for you to take the emotion out of the choice of Agent and to facilitate the professional marketing and same of your Property on the time frame that best suits your requirements.

At all times Real Estate Care Service will be by your side throughout the Sale process. All advertising and documentation will be monitored and approved by us, all offers from prospective Purchasers will be submitted through Real Estate Care Service and any fees and charges negotiated on your behalf.