Selling Your Home (Real Estate Care Service)

Real Estate Care Service was one of the first vendor advocacy specifically designed to assist Powers of Attorney / administrators / guardians and families of loved ones entering aged care, by relieving them of the pressure associated with real estate property.

We are experienced real estate consulting professionals working for the vendors, whether it is selling the family home and/or investment or leasing it out. Let us take the stress out of selling, by selecting the right agent for you and monitoring the whole process to ensure it is managed correctly.

There is absolutely no extra cost to you for using Real Estate Care Service Vendor Advocacy Service and we work in your best interest at all times during the whole process of selling your property.

Specialising in Aged Care Real Estate

Obtaining a realistic and accurate appraisal could determine your accommodation bond and fees in aged care.

Selling your home (vendor advocate)

Enjoy a stress-free, pressure-free, selling process, at no cost to you.


Specialising for those moving into retirement villages

Assisting  you with your real estate needs to prepare for your long awaited retirement.

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